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Jeffrey Lord Is Full Of S---: The Most Ridiculous Things Lord Has Said

CNN acts like they're so outraged at the lies being told by the Trump administration. So much so, in fact, that they refused to allow Kelllyanne Conway on some of their shows for a period of time. Yet they still pay Jeffrey Lord -- arguably the most insane Trump surrogate -- to appear nearly every day to come up with ludicrous arguments in support of Donald Trump.

Who is Juan Thompson, Arrested for JCC Threats? Is he a Democrat? Reporter? Sanders Supporter? Check His Twitter...

Today it was announced that the FBI has arrested 31 year old Juan Thompson in connection with the threats on Jewish community centers, synagogues, and schools. Although he doesn't appear to be the main person involved in the terrible activities, he was allegedly involved in them. For his part, he accuses his ex-girlfriend of framing him.

Ted Cruz: Sessions/Russia a 'Nothing Burger', Later Admits 'No Idea' What Happened (Watch)

Ted Cruz was in fine form this morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe, where he was asked some tough questions about Jeff Sessions and Russia. Of course, being Ted Cruz, he was totally devoid of any sort of honesty or reality -- and instead toed the party line, even after other Republicans started to jump ship.