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Men Charging To See Banksy In NYC: Welcome To The Art World

Someone makes art, someone else profits. A YouTube video is turning viral over the past couple days and it depicts men covering a Banksy piece and charging people in New York to see it and take photos. It could be a clear indication of American greed... or poverty.... but I think its meaning goes beyond a simple action. This is a perfect metaphor for the art world.

Music and the Human Soul

There is something certain throughout this existence and it's that music has a special affect on people. We can feel something stirring when the speakers explode at a concert, we feel it when our favorite musicians strum that opening chord, and we even try and align our memories with specific tunes as a way to outline our own lives; music is a constant in a world of change.

TV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 1 "A Problem House"

Jesse Spencer, best known as Dr. Robert Chase on House, (my all time favorite show) was the reason I decided to give Chicago Fire a chance in the first place. Throw in Monica Raymund (Ria Torres in Lie to Me), who I find to be insanely talented, and you have me intrigued. Starting off, the show did well enough for me to continue watching. However, very quickly Chicago Fire changed from a show that I would tell friends "you could do a lot worse" when they asked which shows they should watch next, to a must see every week. Things just started to click. The was a lot of high stakes movie quality action, with very little CGI - which I appreciated. For the most part, I never felt like they overdid the soapy stories between the characters. The writers did a good job of balancing how much personal life to show vs. on the job stuff. And when they did go the soapy route, they usually nailed it. Case in point: during the end of season one Severide and Shay found themselves trying to have a baby together as platonic friends. Now, this was an incredibly sweet story especially for Shay who was burned by her ex-girlfriend badly. But if that story had concluded in Shay being artificially inseminated, it would have been the wrong choice. Severide and Shay having a baby together is a series ending move, much later down the line. That's why Severide's ex-girlfriend Renee (Sarah Shahi) returning pregnant was not only a perfect gut punch (in the best of ways), but the right choice to maintain that good balance.