Arts and Architecture

The Pop-Up Trend

Early in the evening on a brisk Thursday, four members of a small Pennsylvania gallery are chatting in a tiny gallery space in Chelsea. Not as gallery-goers, but as presenters. The gallery in question is Converge Gallery, run by Casey Gleghorn. They are in Chelsea for a pop-up exhibition for one of their artists, Jeremiah Johnson, which runs for one week.

Bling-Bling: Mickalene Thomas at the ICA

Mickalene Thomas is showing five works at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston until April 7th 2013, all in one massive room. Her pieces are on wood and painted with acrylics and enamel and rhinestones, with all of her mediums on a large scale of six to eight feet tall, and none of them existing in the exact same dimensions. Her style is deconstructivist; each portrait an image, but each portrait separated into shards of spaces.